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Therapy Session


Join an Upcoming Retreat

Lumunos retreats offer you the chance to REFLECT on the life you have been given; RELATE to others and your deepest values; and REENERGIZE your calling. Our philosophy is to allow people the chance to tell their stories without judgment, cross talk, or 'fixing'. On a Lumunos retreat, you can expect:

  • away time to disconnect and renew; 

  • meaningful conversation with other people who are engaging similar questions of self;

  • a purposeful pause to gain perspective and realign priorities;

  • a chance to grow and deepen your spiritual life; and

  • a lot of laughter (and possibly a few tears).

To learn more about our current offerings, click on our Events page.

Need Help Planning a Retreat?

For over 80 years, Lumunos has partnered with faith communities and workplace organizations as they seek to support people for living from a sense of call in the midst of daily life. If you would like Lumunos to help your spiritual community or organization plan a retreat, please contact us! We can help build community within your organization while helping people clarify how they want to spend their time and energy as it best aligns with their spiritual path.

Retreats can be 1, 2, or 3 days long, and be designed around the specific needs of your audience — be it young people, mixed ages, people in discernment about something, people in job transition, or those getting ready to retire. Lumunos is comfortable working in both theologically diverse settings and secular workplaces or organizations. The essence of what we do has always been helping people listen for call and helping them create the kind of small groups and relationships that will support them in the living of that call.

“For me, this is probably my release to be able to hear my calling or at least a start to identifying it and step to work towards it. A long road, I’m sure, but my compass is settled for now and I have a direction…”

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