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"Happiness is the sense that one matters. Happiness is an abiding enthusiasm. Happiness is single-mindedness. Happiness is wholeheartedness."
- Samuel Shoemaker, founder of Lumunos



Lumunos, formerly known as Faith at Work (FAW), has been around for a long time. Sam Shoemaker, of Calvary Episcopal Church in New York, founded Faith at Work in 1927 when he published The Evangel, “a magazine of faith at work.” The idea was to put your values and beliefs "to work" in the world. Shoemaker is best known for his philosophical contributions to the twelve step program codified by Alcoholics Anonymous. In the ’30s, FAW used a format of group support and accountability learned through its shared history with AA.

In the mid-1900's, FAW was incorporated as a nonprofit. Bruce Larson and other leaders brought an emphasis on self-understanding and connecting work with the whole person. In the ’70s, FAW moved to Columbia, MD and expanded its influence through the procurement of foundation money, a larger staff, leadership training, seminary ministry, and the magazine.

In the 80’s Marjory Bankson led FAW with an emphasis on women’s events, finding your calling in the world, and the FAW Magazine.​ Doug Wysockey-Johnson, our current Executive Director, began his leadership with Lumunos in 2000 continuing the emphasis on finding your call, deepening your relationships, and connecting your spiritual practices with your work and daily life. 

In 2009, we changed our name to Lumunos and adapted our approach in order to better serve people working in secular settings. While still offering events for our traditional audience, we simultaneously followed our organizational calling to work with nurses, physicians, and others in non religious ways. In recent years we have appreciated learning from and leading people in ways common to all human beings, regardless of their beliefs.

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