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Program Director

I am the new Program Director as of February 2024, but was the Executive Director at Lumunos for over 20 years. I particularly appreciate the daily opportunities I have to interact with the people we serve. I have been facilitating groups around the country for decades – in business settings, retreat centers, hospitals and beyond.


My work centers on a deep commitment to helping people clarify their priorities and find their calling – and to stay connected with those ideas as they navigate the complex challenges of modern life. Through the years, I have also been busy publishing my thoughts and perspectives about this work, including the connection between living a fulfilled life and the positive impact on the communities we work in and live in.

My wife Kathryn, daughter Isabel, and I live near Burlington Vermont, a place that allows us to do lots of hiking and skiing.  



Administrative Support

Personally speaking I love all things art. A graduate from New Jersey’s William Paterson University with a BA in Fine Arts, I was given the unique opportunity to study art in all its forms and facets. After graduation creating pottery became my passion. As clay still nourishes my artistic soul, Lumunos has nourished my sense of purpose. Each day I get to work with people whose perseverance and dedication to helping others find their true calling is nothing short of inspirational. I am happy to be part of the Lumunos family.



My journey through professional life has been happily winding and unexpected in many ways. After graduating from the University of Michigan, I spent a few years working for a conservation organization called the SCA. I restored fragile desert habitat, built trails, and taught environmental education to school children. I then spent several years in Indiana, earning an M.S. and Ph.D. in Natural Resource Social Science from Purdue University.
After moving to western North Carolina in 2014, I found myself managing an outdoor gear shop and teaching environmental science part-time at the University of North Carolina Asheville. With the birth of my daughter in 2016, I was really hoping to find a better balance between work life and family life. Joining Lumunos has allowed me to find a better balance and to be more creative in my work. Through my years at Lumunos, I have become a big believer in its mission. Not only are individual lives improved when people are living out their sacred values, but so are workplaces and communities (and maybe someday the world!). In my off-time, you’ll find me riding my horse, Rudy, and exploring the outdoors with my husband Skyler and two kids, Maya and Max.

Outreach & Engagement Director

As a firm believer in being a teacher and a student every day, much of my professional life has been spent in learning through service, education and advocacy with older adults. I have worked in the private and public sectors in workforce development, human resources, human services, and community outreach. I hold my Bachelors in Arts from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington in Professional Writing and have certificates in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from Lenoir-Rhyne University, in gerontology, grantwriting, photography, nonprofit leadership and Dementia Friendly. 

I enjoy ongoing education that assists me as a facilitator and subject matter expert in different areas, such as falls prevention and speaking to groups on a number of topics. 



 I am a mother, sister, daughter, partner, and friend. I currently live in western North Carolina, help my partner in a pickle business, and love the outdoors! Having experienced the reflective and re-energizing nature of allowing science to meet spirit, I am a lover of sound healing, meditative practices, good food, conscious movement and great music! I feel very aligned with Lumunos' mission, vision and values.

Project Leader, Lumunos Brighter



I come to Lumunos with 20 years of innovative and impactful nonprofit leadership.  I began my career as an actor and singer in NYC, performing in theaters across the nation.  After witnessing 9-11 in person, I began traveling down a different road with a focus on faith and human rights.  My life's calling became apparent while visiting asylum seekers in detention centers for several years during graduate school.  I received degrees from the University of Miami, Union Theological Seminary and Columbia University, and have worked for the World Council of Churches, Interfaith America, and most recently, FaithAction International House.  I have developed several nationally recognized programs to build bridges of understanding, trust, and cooperation that have been replicated in diverse communities across the country.  I am also an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ (though he is inspired by many faith and cultural traditions), and have been a human rights volunteer for the UCC in Kenya, Bolivia, and East Timor, as well as the United Nations.  I currently live in Chicagoland with my wonderful family, and love to bike and sing the songs of Elvis at local breweries around the Fox River Valley.  I am grateful to work alongside such a passionate, skilled, and caring team to help Lumunos strengthen and grow into its next exciting chapter!

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