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Lumunos helps people live fuller, more authentic lives as they align their life choices and relationships with their sacred values.

Lumunos is a 100-year-old start up. Our focus has always been on issues common to us all: belonging, calling, and the connection between role and soul. We make the world better through fostering deeper self-understanding, nurturing dependable relationships with others, and creating resilient organizational culture. With this mission we move fluidly between corporate conference rooms, church basements, family rooms, and Zoom rooms. In these and other spaces we offer resources, coaching, and facilitated programs to help people and organizations live with greater clarity, focus, and spirit.

Lumunos was founded almost a century ago by an Episcopal priest who was also instrumental in the creation of Alcoholics Anonymous. We continue in that AA culture by being a deeply inclusive spiritual organization that has the ability to offer our services in any setting.


Lives and communities transform as people discover and offer their best selves to the world.


  • Adaptive: Lumunos is present for people as they adapt to life’s unfolding.  Like the people we serve, we are a living organization that adapts to the realities that the world brings us.

  • Authentic: Lumunos believes that vulnerability and honesty are essential to authenticity. Whether we are in board conversations, staff meetings or leading programs, we practice authenticity as a way of engaging the world.

  • Faithful: Lumunos is a spirit-driven organization with roots in the Christian tradition.  We are inclusive in our understanding of faith, and convinced of its absolute relevance and importance. We also recognize the connection between each person and The One that binds us together.

  • Responsible: We value our legacy, donors, and clients. We commit to wisely steward our resources.

  • Relational: We intentionally seek to create space where people can relate meaningfully to each other and the world. Respecting the gifts and journey of each person, we actively listen and seek the wisdom inherent in conversations.  Our organization is founded on deep respect for the dignity of the individual.

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