"I love the invitation to be vulnerable..."

It's so rare that we have the opportunity to reflect on our lives with honest vulnerability. This is what's unique about Lumunos. Your generosity allows Lumunos to provide more people with this kind of opportunity. 

We use PayPal for all our online donations. This means even more of your money goes to the organization you love, rather than to the bank. Here is some information about the system:  

  • For a one-time donation, you’ll be given the option to donate using your credit card OR PayPal account.

  • For recurring donations, you’ll have to set-up a PayPal account. This is easy to to do. Just follow the instructions when you click on the yellow donate button. You’ll still be able to use a credit card through PayPal.

  • If you would like your donation to be “in memory of” or “in honor of” someone, click on Alice’s e-mail: and let her know. She will see the donation come in and will record your wishes.

  • If you have questions, this donation questions page may help.

Interested in supporting one of our online events?

You can become a "LumZoom Sponsor" by donating $250 and selecting "LumZoom Sponsorship" from the drop-down menu. We'll be sure to thank you at the event!