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It can be hard to describe exactly what Lumunos does. This is what our community has to say.

What People Are Saying About Lumunos...

The main reason for me that the retreat was so valuable was that it provided a great opportunity to talk with docs that I've known professionally for years about something besides medicine. I got to know what makes them and their families tick, and in the process I learned a lot about myself. The setting was fantastic, which helped. I hope I get invited back next year."

—Dr. Ken Kulig 

I'm delighted to have had our monthly cafeteria meetings. I left each one with a sense of a greater reality within present time. I was changed, and I think the hospital was changed, as well. It certainly seemed different.

—Surgeon, Denver

All aspects of the session were excellent and deeply appreciated by me and my staff.  Doug gave us both practical techniques/exercises to utilize in our meetings to support each other and enhance our relational capital as well as a framework to have conversations about the road ahead. We have already made concrete change.

—Psychiatrist, Counseling Services of Addison County

Doug presented yesterday at a conference I attended to discuss "Clinicians, Callings and Covid: the Art of Self-Care in a Pandemic." Not only was this topic so needed, but he handled it beautifully. He offered a heartfelt presentation that used research-based data, humor, compassion, and strategies to guide us moving forward into more resiliency. He made space for the sharing of stories and helped navigate both the dark and the light of what has been an incredible shared experience as nurses and other healthcare providers. My heartfelt thanks for his presence and for the deeply grounded experience. 

—Nurse, UVMMC Cardiac Network Conference

It was an excellent experience! Wonderful mix of presented information and smaller group work. I really appreciated that multiple personality styles and learning styles were taken into account (and catered towards) throughout the 90 minute session. The interactive nature kept the entire group engaged (which is no small feat directly after a taco truck lunch)! I really appreciated the practical advice for ways to incorporate what we learned about team building and resiliency immediately into our daily routines. The group is very much looking forward to having you back for further work on these topics!

—Healthcare Provider, MT. Ascutney Hospital, VT

As a medical student, attending Doug’s wellness workshop helped me reflect more deeply about what’s important to me, how I care for myself and others, and how to keep these intentions and values aligned with my academic and career pursuits. Doug kept my classmates and me engaged with thoughtful exercises, unique reflection questions, and a selection of research findings from some of the top psychology, medical, and management journals. Further, hearing about the stories and lessons learned from the numerous clinicians he’s worked with helped broaden my perspective and neatly tie together some of the themes we were discussing. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Doug’s warmth and patience, lighthearted humor, and passion for this work helped foster an inviting space for deep reflection and honest conversation. It goes without saying that I would highly recommend Lumunos to any group of medical students and professionals seeking clinician wellbeing specialists.

—Ankrish Milne, Larner School of Medicine

I am blessed to have found Lumunos and the book club. I appreciate your facilitation.

—Louise, Florida

I am so appreciative of connecting with Lumunos and attending the retreat today! It really came at a important point in my life and was so helpful on many levels. I enjoyed meeting the wonderful fellow attendees and hearing their perspectives on relationships as well.


Your retreats go to a depth our daily lives gloss over. Stopping to contemplate, and focus on what matters the most, sometimes need the push and input that Marjory is so good at providing.

—Retreat Participant


In a time of "recuperation" from isolation, the retreat was an excellent exercise in evaluating crucial life questions about "what's next?" So wonderful to share our deepest concerns with folk who share similar situations.

—Retreat Participant

I am renewed with hope by reading the Lumunos newsletter. Thank you for the excellent writing and spiritual regeneration Lumunos provides through superb, creative writing urging all of us to swim more deeply, courageously and safely in this world. I'm a grateful reader and follower.

—Dr. Doug Bailey

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