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Finding Resiliency in Times of Change

What's changed in your life recently? What changes do you expect in the future? 


Life is filled with transition and change. They might be positive or expected-like a new job, relationship, or kids entering your life or leaving the nest. Or, the change might be forced upon us through no choice of our own-think health crisis, or a change of leadership at your place of work. We are always leading up to a change, in the middle of one, or on the tail end of some change. Change changes us, but we aren't always aware of how, or what to do with it.


While challenging, change also brings opportunity. In this 3-hour mini-retreat you will have the chance to step back from some change in your life and view it through a spiritual lens. Using sacred story, research from the world of business and social science; conversation and time for reflection, you will leave with a different way to view the changes in your life.


If your organization or spiritual community is interested in hosting a Crossing the River retreat, contact us. This retreat is a great introduction to what Lumunos has to offer. Because it’s short and inexpensive, it gives people who are curious about Lumunos the chance to explore our programming without investing a lot of time or money. It can also be implemented in just about any setting or location. All we need is a room and a group of 15-35 people. So far, we have held Crossing the River retreats in the Denver, Chicago, Boston and Washington D.C. areas. If you are interested in attending one of the upcoming retreats or bringing this half-day retreat to your area, please contact Becca Perry-Hill at

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