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Kafka On The Shore Audiobook Torrent cotgen




Let’s talk about Kafka on the Shore, a new Netflix original series from the New York Times bestselling author of I Am Legend and a.d.d. Kafka on the Shore is an adaptation of the cult novel (or was it a novel?) by Haruki Murakami, set in a Japan (?) after a period of stagnation in the 1970s. Kafka is the protagonist, and it is really his story. He has a curious job that puts him in contact with strangers. The strangers that he meets—seemingly by chance—have unusual job titles and responsibilities: “manager,” “accountant,” and even “salesman”—yet their position seems to be somewhat superfluous. Kafka is not sure what he does, but his job is also strangely vague, so he does what he always does, and that is seek a better understanding of himself and of life. The American adaptation is set in a Japan that is in the middle of a time of “global stagnation”, and that is the result of a nuclear accident. A journalist, Hiroko, is interviewing a jobless professor, whose job title, apparently, is “writer”, but the duties he performs are more like those of a bureaucrat: writing documents, doing accounting, and even, at times, inventing new concepts in which to report, but which are obviously not real products. Kafka is Hiroko’s main source of information, since the professor is more or less speechless. Kafka’s job is not his only distraction, though. He is also often irritated by his roommate, a young man who always makes the wrong decisions, and to whom he cannot give his advice. In one of the episodes Kafka is scheduled to have dinner with a famous Japanese author, Shikitei Kobo, whom he has never met before. As Kafka waits at his door, he learns that Kobo is too old to go out, and, moreover, he doesn’t remember Kafka. Kafka, wondering whether he is really going to meet this person, decides to invent an imaginary story for him. Kobo agrees to listen, and Kafka tells him what the problem is. “There are different kinds of love, Kafka. You know, the kind that starts off with a very strong desire and ends with a much weaker one; the kind that grows gradually over time, with the



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Kafka On The Shore Audiobook Torrent cotgen
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