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"The Best Years of My Life!"

     “The best years of my life!” is a claim we all wish we could make about life after 60. Whether or not you are retired or working, whether or not you are religious or spiritual, whether or not you are living with health issues, life after 60 is about satisfaction, joy, and meaning in everyday life. Lumunos believes in living a legacy rather than simply leaving a legacy. All our lives we are in the process of living the legacy that we will leave. In the elder years, we are even more aware of what it means to live a legacy.

     Now that you are 60 or over, you may be wondering what you will do with the unexpected and unprecedented opportunities ahead. How will you stay healthy and active whether you continue to work or retire? What will you do to fulfill some of your dreams? How will you make a difference for others? The years of your life from 60 to 100 give you another “lifetime” to live as you might wish and do as you have not yet done. Lumunos offers you an invitation to greater satisfaction with life through our resource called “Looking Back and Giving Forward.” To learn more about Life after 60 or to order a copy of "Looking Back and Giving Forward", contact us.

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