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The Space Between Us:

Strengthening Our Relationships for the Good of the World 

Relationships matter in every aspect of our lives-increasing our joy; creating a better world and more civil society; improving the workplace; parenting; finding community in retirement; spiritual growth; and making it through hard times, to name just a few examples. Even in times of solitude, our relationships are with us. Both for our own happiness and the good of the world we share, there is nothing more important today than strengthening our relationships.
At the same time, anyone who has ever been in a relationship of any kind (which is to say, pretty much everyone) knows that they aren’t easy. At every stage of life there are questions, gray areas, and complexity to navigate. For example:

  • when to speak up and when to keep silent;

  • when and how to start relationships, and when to let them go;

  • how to navigate the changes in relationships;

  • when communicating through technology is good enough, and when you need to be face to face;

  • how to balance care for others and care for self. 

In today’s world and political climate, it is an unusual and generous act to take time to strengthen your relationship skills. So, join us for this 3 hour workshop. You, the people close to you, and the world around you will be better for the investment. (And there will be donuts).

Cost: $40 (for inquiries about scholarships, contact becca@lumunos.org)

Date: Saturday, January 18, 2020

Time: 8:30-11:30 am

Place:  Winnetka Covenant Church

            1200 Hibbard Rd.

            Wilmette, IL 60091