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Into the Unknown, Part II: Following Jesus…Out of the Building

It has often been said that the church is not a building, the church is the people. For many years that’s what the church has told the world. Since March, like never before in recent history, we’ve had the opportunity to show them. And by God’s grace, I think overall, “the Church” has done a decent job. At my own church, for example, almost overnight, we had to learn how to use Zoom and have virtual meetings together. Just a few months later, there is a whole list of virtual gatherings going on throughout the week including committee meetings, fellowship and prayer groups, and Bible studies, among others. We’ve also come up with creative ways to meet together in open spaces for limited indo

Into the Unknown, Part I: Following Jesus..

Well, can you believe that September is here?! Every year around this time I always feel this sense of: “Where did the summer go?” But this year, with COVID-19 having shut so many of our “normal” activities down for nearly six months and counting (the last “in person” worship service at my church was March 8!!), the coming of fall and “back to school” is even more poignant than usual. Students of all ages are embarking on new adventures in learning, much of it virtual. I don’t think many of us imagined, when “in person” gatherings ceased in the spring, that there would still be restrictions on “in person” gatherings by Labor Day. What we at first assumed was going to be a temporary inconv

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