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We are in a unique hiring position! There is a rare opportunity to join Lumunos as the Executive Director.

Read more about Doug's transition into Program Director and click below for the full job description. 

 You may apply directly by sending a resume and cover letter -

click here to email Linda Rumbarger, Board Chair. 


Reflect on the life you have been given.
Relate meaningfully to others at home and work.
Reenergize your calling.

"Just where you are—that's the place to start."

—Pema Chödrön

2023 THEME

Every fall the Lumunos staff gathers to begin talking about the upcoming year’s program theme. In the brainstorming we always ask some version of the following questions: What is going on in the world? What are the needs out there? Where is the intersection between what people need and our mission? 

In hindsight, I realize now that asking those questions was a version of what became our theme for 2023—listening. At our best, when we ask questions, we are saying that we want to listen. I realize that this is not always true, and that there is a kind of question-asking that represents anything but good listening. But it was our questions and subsequent listening that brought us to what I think is a relevant and important theme for the year. 


This is the thing about listening—it usually leads someplace good. Not 100% of the time—I have heard hurtful things at times I didn’t want to hear. But most of the time my listening has led to growth and understanding. I can’t say the same thing about my talking. The end result there has been, well, not great at times. But our theme this year is based on the belief that the world will be a better place if we all improved our listening.


So I hope you can join us for some of our programming around Courageous Listening. We plan to explore different kinds of listening: To other people of course; but also listening to our emotions and bodies; listening to nature; listening to the needs around us and listening for God in the midst of all of it.


Join us!

Upcoming Events

  • Women Becoming Book Club December 2023
    Women Becoming Book Club December 2023
    Wed, Dec 06
    Dec 06, 2023, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
    Dec 06, 2023, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
    Stories of Women Becoming Their Authentic Selves Led by Becca Perry-Hill December 6th, 12-1 pm ET ("No Ordinary Assignment: A Memoir" by Jane Ferguson) Register to receive the Zoom link.

Clinician Well-Being Services

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I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude for the opportunities for growth and meaningful reflection afforded by the Physicians Colleagues program. The type of introspection and discussion amongst peers provided by the program does not come instinctually to me, and the fact that it has influenced my outlook on practice and life underscores the depth of the program. The program has encouraged me to think reflectively, and act proactively, regarding how I function as a physician, and more importantly, as a person. I returned from the retreat energized, which is perfect timing for when our family gratefully ushers in a new life.

—Radiologist, Denver, CO

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