Spiritual Communities


Lumunos retreats build community within your church while helping people clarify how they want to spend their time and energy for the good of God’s world. Lumunos also has full weekend retreats on other topics, including spiritual practices, Sabbath, and renewal. Retreats can be designed for just men or women, or coed.

Light For Your Journey 1 & 2 are four hour retreats about call that are designed for busy people who want a spiritual retreat experience without going away for a weekend. They can be planned for an evening, a Saturday, or a Sunday and fit in with our busy schedules. The retreat is a “pause” that refreshes and leads to clarity about priorities and direction in all areas of life. Light For Your Journey 1 & 2 can be done in succession or as standalone retreats. The retreats can be designed around the specific needs of your audience — be it young people, mixed ages, people in discernment about something, people in job transition, or those getting ready to retire. Lumunos has been leading retreats for 80 years and is comfortable working in theologically diverse settings. The essence of what we do has always been helping people listen for call and helping them create the kind of small groups and relationships that will support them in the living of that call.