Spiritual Communities


To evoke is to draw out another’s voice or calling. Evocative Conversations is a Lumunos research project designed to help spiritual communities bridge the gap between our work in the world and our faith. Our work takes many forms depending on the season of life we are in: for some it means the job we get paid to do Monday-Friday; others are stay at home parents or retired volunteers. Our work in the world represents those places that that claim our time and energy during the week. Lumunos believes that it is the role of our spiritual communities to support and equip us for that work. We believe that when we connect our faith with our work, many good things happen: life is more whole and meaningful, we become more resilient, and the world looks more the way God wants it to look.

If your spiritual community is interested in participating in Evocative Conversations, or seeing our seven session small group resource called Sacred Conversations, contact Lumunos.

Sacred Conversations provides a helpful framework for structuring small group discussions about the connections between our spiritual lives and our work in the world. By sharing in the seven conversations provided in this resource, people of faith will help each other grow into deeper understandings of what it means to live faithfully in the world. To order a copy, email Alice@lumunos.org to set up payment and delivery. You can also call Alice at Lumunos at 802-860-1936. The cost is $10 per copy, which includes shipping.