Donation Questions

  • Can I use my credit card for one-time or recurring donations?  Yes.
  • Will the “Donate” button take me to either option? Yes.
  • Do I have to set-up a PayPal account for one-time donations?  No. Even though the donation page is ‘hosted’ by PayPal, you can simply make a donation with your credit card.
  • Do I have to set-up a PayPal account for recurring donations? Yes. It is still easy to have the donations be charged to a credit card. By setting up an account, you can easily make changes to your recurring donations. (See below.)
  • Can I make my donation “in honor of” or “in memory of” someone?  Yes, Just send an e-mail to Alice at: and let her know your wishes.
  • How do I make a change to my recurring donations?

(1) Log into your PayPal account at

(2) Click on the gear icon (top right of page, next to “Logout”).

(3) Click on “Payments” (top left of page, 2nd menu row).

(4) Scroll down to “Manage Pre-Approved Payments” and click on that.

(5) Click on “Lumunos” on the top left of the page. Make changes as needed.

  • Can I select recurring donations to be other than monthly? No.

  • Why did Lumunos switch systems?  The company we were using has been raising prices and is no longer competitive. Their system was cumbersome and complicated to maintain, while their customer service had declined.

  • Why did we switch to PayPal? For starters, PayPal is a low cost way to go. 97.8 cents of every dollar you donate goes to Lumunos. And, PayPal securely processes millions of transactions everyday. Their information protection systems are best-in-class, and they think carefully about making their webpages easy for people to navigate.


Other Questions?

E-mail Dan Quinlan at or call the office: 802.860.1936.