About Lumunos


The History of Lumunos (Formerly Faith@Work)

  • In 1927, Sam Shoemaker, of Calvary (Episcopal) Church in New York, founded Faith at Work by publishing The Evangel, “a magazine of faith at work.”
  • In the ’30s, FAW used a format of group support and accountability learned through its shared history with Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • In 1950’s and 60’s, FAW was incorporated as a nonprofit. Bruce Larson and other leaders brought an emphasis on connecting faith with the whole person.
  • The ’70s brought a move to Columbia MD, foundation money and expansion of teams, leadership training, seminary ministry and the magazine.
  • In the 80’s Marjory Bankson led Faith at Work, with an emphasis on women’s ministry, call, and FAW Magazine.
  • In 1985, Julia Vrooman’s bequest and much volunteer help made publishing a magazine possible again with president, Marjory Bankson.
  • In 2000, Doug Wysockey-Johnson began his ministry with Lumunos, continuing the emphasis on connecting call and daily life.
  • In 2009, Faith at Work changed its name to Lumunos to better connect with a new generation of seekers.
  • 2010 and beyond… Lumunos continues to build on the foundation of Faith at Work, finding new ways to help people reflect, connect and discover their call!

For more on the history of Lumunos and Faith@Work, please read Karl Olsson’s History of Faith At Work.